DUODOPA 20 mg + 5 mg / mL Intestinal gel Information

Duodopa is used for the treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease with severe motor fluctuations and hyper- / dyskinesia and responses to levodopa, when the available antiparkinsonian associations have not yielded satisfactory results.

DUODOPA : its indications Duodopa is used for the treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease with severe motor fluctuations and hyper- / dyskinesia and responses to levodopa, when the available antiparkinsonian associations have not yielded satisfactory results.
Therapeutic class:Neurology-psychiatryActive ingredients:Levodopa ,  CarbidopaExcipients:Carmellose (E466), Purified WaterStatus:Medicinal product subject to medical prescriptionSS Repayment Tx:0%Laboratory / Manufacturer:Abb Vie Inc. Effects while driving / operating machines DUODOPA may have a significant influence on the ability to drive and use machines. Levodopa and carbidopa may cause dizziness and orthostatic hypotension. Therefore, driving vehicles and using machines should be carr…

IMPORTAL 10 g Powder usage, dose, side effects

In this post you will learn about Importal powder. In comes in difference sizes for adults and children in France and other European countries. After reading this article you will be familiar with:

Usage of Importal powderImportant information regarding drug.Dosage Information.How Importal works.Possible side effects of Importal powder.

Importal 10 g Powder: indications / usage
Symptomatic treatment of constipation.
Hepatic encephalopathy.

Related Information
Therapeutic classGastro-Entero-Hepatology, Gastro-Entero-HepatologyActive ingredientsLactitol (E966)StatusThis medicinal product is NOT SUBJECT TO A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONPrice incl. VAT3,00 €SS Repayment Txthirty %LaboratoryACRAF
Importal: dosage informationOral use.This medicine can be taken diluted in a drink (water-infusion) or mixed with any food ( like yogurt).Rectal canal. Constipation : The dosage should be adjusted according to the results obtained. Average dose information Adults: 2 sachets of Importal per day at a time.

Joypox 60 mg tablets, usage, dose information, side effects & price

Know about Joypox tablets, newly marketed tablets by Inspire Pharma Ltd. This article contains all the information regarding Joypox tablets, its usage, dose information, side effects, presentation as well as price.

Joypox Tablets Usage / Indication: Joypox tablets are used / indicated to treat premature ejaculation in men from 18 years to 65 years of age. Premature ejaculation (uncontrolled ejaculation of semon) causes unsatisfactory sex for both partners. For the treatment of this problem doctors prescribe Depoxetine, which is an active ingredient of Joypox tablets).
Composition of Joypox tablets: Each tablet contains:
 Dapoxetine ………………… 60mg. Joypox tablets Dose Information:Joypox tablets are only for adult men having 18 years of age.Joypox tablets are not prescribed to men older than 64 years.Usually only one tablet is taken with a glass of water two hours before sexual intercourse. The maximum dose per day is one tablet. Do not exceed the maximum dose. Contraindications of Joyp…

Vitayami Tablets usage, composition, dosage and price

Vitamins and minerals are very important for human body. Today I am writing this post about a medicine which is related to almost all the important minerals and vitamins to full fill the needs of a human body. In this post I am going to tell you about use of Vitayami tablets, its composition, dosage and administration, presentation, appearance and the most importantly the price of Vitayami tablets.
Indications of Vitayami Tablets / Why Vitayami tablets are used:Vitayami is a medicine containing vitamins and minerals. It can play an important role in prevention and treatment of many diseases in men and women.Vitayami tablets are indicated or used for prevention, treatment and correction of iron deficiency anemia.In some cases, the body of the patient does not absorb vitamins and minerals such as malabsorption syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, fistulas, short bowel syndrome, Krone's disease. For the treatment of these problems Vitayami is indicated by doctors.Sometimes Vitayami…

Cofloz Herbal Cough Syrup - Description, Indication, Composition, Dosage and Price

This post is about Cofloz, a newly released herbel cough syrup under the marketing of a well known medicine company Abbott. In this post you will learn about Indications of the Cofloz Herbal cough syrup, its description, composition or ingredients used during manufacturing the suspension, as well as dosage, side effects, contraindications, precautions, presentation and its price.
Description of Cofloz: Cofloz herbal cough syrup is a well-balanced formulation of selected  herbs to provide relief from multiple symptoms of cough and cold. The treatment course takes round about 3 to 5 days. The course can be prolonged as per the doctor's recommendation.
Indications of Cofloz Syrup:
Cough and coldDry and irritating cough.Cough associated with asthma and bronchitis.
Composition of Cofloz Syrup: Each 10 ml of Cofloz syrup / suspension contains:
Adhatoba vasica ...................................... 600 mgPiper longum ........................................... 100 mgCordia Latifolia .....…

ABBOTICIN Usage, Indication, Contraindication, Dosage, Precautions, and everything you should be familiar with

Want to know about Abboticin / Abboticine? If yes then you are at the right place. In this post we will tell you what is Abboticin or Abboticine (name differ from country to country), why it is used / indications, side effects of abboticin, dosage, composition, as well as other important information you should surely learn before taking this medicine.

Indication of ABBOTICIN DrugAbboticin is an antibiotic belonging to the macrolide class.It is used in the treatment of various infectious diseases, including those of the lung, bronchus, skin, nose, throat, mouth and teeth, of the genital tract.
Presentation of AbboticinOral Suspension: 60 ml bottle.CapsulesTablets ABBOTICIN CompositionErythromycin .......200 mg Sucrose .................1.5 g. Abbotocin Contraindication  This drug should not be used in the following cases:
If you are allergic to macrolides, in association with medicinal products containing cisapride, pimozide, bepridil, mizolastine, ergotamine or dihydroergotamine.


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