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For the purposes of this privacy policy, the terms "We", "Us", "Our" and "PRICEYHEALTH" refer to our web site

The terms "You" “Your” and "end-user" refer to You as a user of this web site.

This privacy policy applies to owned and operated by PRICEYHEALTH owners.

This privacy policy describes how this blog collects and uses the personal information you provide on our website site:

Priceyhealth does not use or distribute or share your identifiable information with any third party.

This blog is hosted on a free service by Google and Google (may be) on their end stores information regarding you or the devices you use for the betterment of their services.

On our end this blog only stores:

  1. Internet Protocol (IP) address of the domain or the proxy provided by Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  2. Date and time the IP accessed Our site.
  3. Pages viewed (recorded by the text and graphics files that compose that page).
  4. Web address of the web site.
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We do not share any of the above information with any third party, except the law enforcement agencies and institutes when required.

Our blog also uses many third-party plugins from different reputable corporations like Google and Alexa for better functionalities of the site and better user experience. It includes tracking technologies, scripts, tags, and beacons by third party service providers.

We have partnership with advertisement agencies like Google Adsense. Google Adsense system shows ads relevant to user choice and experience. To see Google Adsense policy, visit Google's Website.

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Content of this website is copyrighted and registered through Creative Commons license 4.0. Do not re-create or re-post our content anywhere else without the permission of our authors.

Creative Commons Official Statement:

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This website is created to provide you information about medicines.

The information, specially the encyclopedia of medicines is not intended to be exhaustive and can not replace the advice and consultation of a doctor or medical expert.

It is not guaranteed that information posted here will be 100% accurate.

Be cautious against humanoid errors. We do not take responsibility of any damage or harm caused to you by any medicine, therapy, or any thing else mentioned on this website.


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