EXCEDRIN Tablets , Indication, Composition, Dosage, Interactions and Precautions of the Drug

This post is about one of the most commonly used tablet Excedrin. In this post we will tell you what is Excedrin, Which ingredients are used in Excedrin Tablets, Side effects of Excedrin Tablets as well as dosage and precautions. Lets start,
Excedrin Tablets

Indication / Usage of Excedrin Tablets

Excedrin in indicated or prescribed in following situations:

  1. In case of Headache, dental pain.
  2. Sinusitis
  3. Statistics inflammation in the joints of the body
  4. Menstrual pain
  5. Cold flu (light and medium condition).

Ingredients / Composition of Excedrin :

Each EXCEDRIN tablet contains three active ingredients:

  1. Acetaminophen........ 250 mg .
  2. Aspirin.......................250 mg.
  3. Caffeine.....................65 mg.
Excedrin Tablets

Additional Information:

  • Every Excedrin tablets has "E" imprinted on it.
  • Excedrin Tablets comes in two different strengths / doses of 65 mg and 250 mg.
  • Each Excedrin tablet has white color and comes in capsule / forte shape.


  • Adults can take two tablets together when necessary according to the nature of symptoms.
  • If still symptoms persist, take the dose after every 6 hours.
  • Never exceed the maximum dose, which is eight tablets a day.
  • It is recommended not to eat large amounts of EXCEDRIN tablets to avoid side effects.
  • After taking the dose if you feel poisoning or allergic, you should stop taking the drug immediately and go to the nearest clinic.
  • Taking very high doses of acetaminophen (paracetamol) leads to liver failure.

Precautions when eating EXCEDRIN:

  • Never take EXCEDRIN during pregnancy because it contains, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS).
  • You should not continue the use of EXCEDRIN for more than ten days without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not give EXCEDRIN tablets to children under the age of 12 years.
  • Asthma patients should not EXCEDRIN or patients who are allergic to aspirin or any other ingredient  of tablets.

Interaction of Excedrin Tablets:

Excedrin is very interactive with many drugs. Be cautious before use and read the leaflet from box.

Package price:

Pack contains two bands every ten discs bar, the price of the enclosure 9 pounds and the price per tape 4.5 pounds.

The Producing company :

SmithKline Corporation Ltd.


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