Regimax Capsules Weight Loss and Weight Stabilization Medicine

Regimax Capsules Packet


Dosage Form: tablet


Regimax / Benzphetamine is Used for Short-Term Along With A Doctor-Approved, Reduced-Calorie Diet, Exercise, And Behavior Change Program To Help the Patient Lose his / her Weight. It Is prescribed to People Who Are too much Overweight (Obese) And are Not Been Able To Lose Enough Weight With Diet And Exercise Alone.

Pharmacological form:

  • Each capsule contains 120 mg Orlistat.
  • Every Package contains 20 capsules.

Indications :

  • Used to prescribe overweight and obese patients.
  • Solely used for to loss weight.

How to use and dosage:

  • Usually Regimax is taken three times a day.
  • Only use with  meals which contain fat, If the meal didn't contain huge amount of fat don't take the dose.
  • Regimax should only be taken before, with or after the meal. If taken after, take it immediately. The delay after the meal should not be more than fifteen minutes.
  • The capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water.
  • You should not eat more than three capsules a day. Since the overdoses will not lead to  increased results.
  • Patient should also do exercise if taking the medicine.

Contraindications to use Regimax:

Regimax should not be used in following casses:

  • Syndrome patients of chronic absorption.
  • Cholestasis patients.
  • Unauthorized use of children under the age of 18.
  • Sensitivity to Regimax capsule.
  • Is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Patients with hypothyroidism and epilepsy and kidney problems should not take the medicine without the prescription of doctor.
  • Patients of depression, AIDS and cardiac arrhythmias as well as for patients who are taking anti-blood clotting (anti-stroke, drugs to increase the fluidity of blood and prevent clots) such as warfarin or Alvenindion, you should not use Regimax without consulting your doctor.


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