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Erec 100mg Tablets its, usage, dose, composition and side effects

Erec tablets are substitute of VIAGRA a famous erectile dysfunction medicine by Abbot. So, if you don't know much about Erec tablets don't worry in this post we will tell you why Erec tablets are used, their dosage, side effects, contraindications, as well as the manufacturer of Erec tablets.
Erec Tablets and Their Usage: As we told earlier Erec tablets are a substitute of Viagra. It is a sexual tonic used to treat erectile dysfunction and it strengthens the erection in men.
Composition of Erec Tablets: Each tablet contains 100 mg of Sildenafil.
Erec Tablets Dose: This medicine is only for adults with the age of 20 years or above.

For adults each dose of Erec tablets should be between 25 mg to 100 mg per day.

Elderly men over sixty five years of age should not take more than 25 mg per day (a quarter of tablet).

The dose should be taken half to four hours before sexual intercourse.

In some medical conditions such as renal failure or other issues related to liver functionality, …

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Panadol Night use & other info you should know before taking it

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