How to treat people with Tourette syndrome

Knowing Tourette syndrome and it's symptoms

Tourette syndrome is a psychological tics disorder which is known for involuntary movements of certain muscles of the body. There are two types of tics, motor and vocal. The motor ones are the muscle tics and vocal one are in the form of shouting different phrases, including swearing words, which is also known as copralalia.

Tourette syndrome Treatment

As most of the mental disorders, Tourette syndrome has two kind of treatments, the psychotherapy treatment and the treatment with pharmaceutical drugs. The best treatment for tourette syndrome is the combination of the psychotherapy and the certain drugs which can help in improving the tics control.

Psychotherapy for Tourette syndrome

The most common psychotherapies for people with tourette syndrome are the breath counting psychotherapies. The psychologists suggest to use this technique because it helps in tic controlling and also relaxes the muscles of the body. The right way to do it is to sit in a comfortable chair or even lie in bed so the all muscles relax, and start taking breaths. After every time that you take a breath hold it and count from 1 to 10. The same thing you should do when you release breaths. 

Is there a certain drug for Tourette syndrome people

Although there is no certain drug for Tourette syndrome, there are antidepressants which can help in improvement of the tic controlling. These drugs also help in improving the level of neurotransmitters which impact in the development of the disorder. 


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