Psychological Facts About Dreams

1) While dreaming you are not able to read or tell the exact time

To understand if you are dreaming or not, try to read something. Most of the people are not able to read in their dreams. While dreaming, you can't also tell the exact time.

2) Successful stories inspired by dreams

It may sound strange but many people found their inspiration in their dreams and now they have created some of the most successful companies in the world. A good example for this is the idea for creating google, by Larry Page, or the well known periodic table by Dimitri Mendeleyev. These are only two of many successful stories inspired by dreams.

3) Psychological facts about Lucid dreaming

We all know that dreams are not made by ourselves and that the body is paralyzed during dreaming, but there are some techniques, which some people use to take control of their dreams and do wonderful things like flying high in the sky, or jumping high, passing through walls and even go back in time.

4) Predictive dreams

It may have happened to some of us that had dreamed something and it happened in the future. This reminds us of Abraham Lincolns assassination, which he saw it in his dream before getting killed. This is a very strange phenomenon which yet is not explained well.

5) REM sleeping disorder

During Rapid Eye Movement period (REM) our body is paralyzed. However, some people act during their dreams and they wake up with a broken leg or arm.

6) Dreaming obsession

There are some people who like dreaming so much as they don't even want to wake up, but since it is impossible they take drug pills which help not only to fall asleep again, but also to dream more and better.

7) Can blind people dream?

This is a very frequent question that psychologists get, and the answer is yes. Blind people can also dream, but different than other people, their dreams are made of sounds and voices, so not made of image visualizations.


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