Psychological Facts About Love

  1. Men with belly are less attractable to women, because they have less level of testosterone, this means their fertility is lower
  2. Men seem to to attracted more to women with the bone structure that it's inherited by their mother. In psychology this is called "Sexual Imprinting", which is a new term created by researchers.
  3. If you hold your hand with someone you love can help in relieving pain, stress and also fear.
  4. Couples are most likely to brake up in third to fifth month of their relationship.
  5. When you fall in love, your mind and body have a calming effect, which raises the level of nerve growth.
  6. Falling in love has similar neurological effects to cocaine. When you fall in love, or take a dose of cocaine, 12 areas of your brain will be stimulated.
  7. People look at beauty of the face more than the body when it comes to long term relationships. But if they look for fling it's the opposite.
  8. When a men meets a women in a dangerous situation, they will most likely fall in love. For example, if they meet in a water rafting the chances to fall in love are higher than meeting in a coffee shop.
  9. Events like divorce and break ups can affect not only your mind, but also your body. especially the heart. This is known as "Broken heart syndrome" by researchers, which can cause shorter breaths and chest pain.
  10. People who fall in love have similarities with people who suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). The level of serotonin of people who fall in love is the almost the same as the level of people with OCD.
  11. Studies show that you have four minutes to decide if you like someone or not.
  12. Women seem to like more the men who are liked by other women too.


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