What is Anorexia and How to treat it

Knowing Anorexia and it's symptoms: 

Anorexia is a mental illness which can cause serious problems to human body and which can also threat the life of the people who suffer from it.

Anorexia is a part of three primary types of eating disorders.

The word "Anorexia" means no hunger, however this condition sometimes can be a total surrender from eating food.

The person who suffers from this disorder sometimes feel hungry and they can enjoy eating food, but they see their hunger as their biggest enemy.

Some researchers describe anorexia as a food phobia, but the most accepted definition is the conscious limitation of eating in order to not get fat and keep their body skinny.

Treatment for Anorexia:

There are several drugs which can help in improving anorexia which should be suggested by the psychiatric.

But as many of other psychological disorders, the best treatment for anorexia is the combination of psychotherapies with the pharmaceutical drugs.

Some common psychotherapies are: 

  • Interpersonal therapy - The therapist finds the social life issues of the person who suffers from anorexia and tries to resolve them.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy - This is based on the thoughts of the anorectic person, and the therapist encourages him to think in a more positive and realistic way, by avoiding the negative thoughts such as "putting more weight on my body would be the worst thing I could do in my life"
  • Family interventions - The therapy includes the family care. They should discuss with their anorectic child about how anorexia affected them.

To conclude, anorexia can be treated by the preceding therapies including the pharmaceutical drugs.

People who suffer from this disorder should visit the psychiatric doctor and a psychologist as soon as possible, in order to avoid the serious threats that anorexia can cause in their life.


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