What is Jerusalem Syndrome and Its types or conditions

Hi friends, In this post we will tell you what is Jerusalem Syndrome and three of its types. So lets start:
What is Jerusalem syndrome

What is Jerusalem Syndrome

Jerusalem syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that often appears to people who had signs of psychopathy when they travel to Jerusalem. When these people arrive there they become psychotic. Although this phenomenon is not a result of any certain religion, however it had an impact and has affected Christians, Jews and Muslims of too many different backgrounds. Some people think that it may also appear to people who didn't have mental illnesses or signs of psychopathy, but in a research conducted  about this syndrome proved that all the people who were diagnosed with Jerusalem syndrome, were previously experiencing psychopathy signs / problems.

History of Jerusalem Syndrome

This phenomenon was also regarded as a hysteria form. Heniz Herman, the founder of modern psychiatric research in Israel described it for the first time. Religious places such as Mecca or Rome have also had cases of this phenomenon. From 2000 and in the continuing years the cases of Jerusalem syndrome have increased.

Types / Conditions of Jerusalem Syndrome 

People who suffered from Jerusalem syndrome seem to be of three different types, in spite of their behaviors and acts. Below is given the explanation of these three types of Jerusalem Syndrome.

  1. In the first type of Jerusalem syndrome includes the people who think of themselves as an important religious figure. This case often appears to people who have had a psychotic illness previously.
  2. People who get obsessed by idiosyncratic ideas. This form of Jerusalem syndrome can be a simple obsession with the city of Jerusalem and it is not necessarily a form of a mental illness.
  3. People who have had a mental illness previously. This type appears after someone arrives in Jerusalem and it can be characterized by a religious character of the person. In this type there are also seen other behaviors in them including obsessions and compulsions such as:
    • The desire to leave the family and travel to Jerusalem.
    • Obsessions to be clean and compulsions such as nail cutting.
    • Need to say verses of Bible 
    • Nervousness, anxiety, etc.

In Conclusion

In simple words, Jerusalem syndrome is a mental condition related to a city named Jerusalem. That city is a holy place for some religions and this is why a lot of tourists visit Jerusalem every year. The affection and love with the city causes a syndrome known as Jerusalem syndrome and it has three types all described above.

If you have got any question about Jerusalem syndrome or any of its type feel free to use our comment box. We will be answering you as soon as possible.

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